waistbeads 101

Guide on how to tie waistbeads the traditional African way

  1. Take waistbead & unravel it to a strand by pulling ends of the bow gently. You will now have two loose ends and a full strand.

  2. Make a knot or two at the tip of one end of the strand. This step is simply to prevent excess beads from sliding off during your fitting.

  3. Stand upright and relaxed (do not hold your tummy in or push it out) and wrap the entire strand of beads around your waist allowing for as much space you desire for a comfortable fit, so that your waist beads will not squeeze against your skin too tight or fall off your hips/buttocks. Traditionally in many african cultures waistbeads are worn low on the hips along the pantyline but you can wear them wherever you would like as long as it comfortable for everyday wear.

  4. Once you are sure about your fit, measure & mark your size by sliding excess beads towards the knotted end of the strand.

  5. Holding the two ends of beads together, tie 3  tight knots to secure the strand. Make sure knots don't engulf beads on the side.

  6. Cut the two strings and viola, your beads are fitted for long term wear.
    You can give the extra seed beads new life in diy jewelry project to match your waist beads or in some other craft project.